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About me

A travel advisor in SA (ZA)

We are all about providing bespoke and exceptional service 

As well as managing the complex business travel requirement of these Customers, naturally, I have also been asked to arrange bespoke itineraries that can impress and surpass the expectation of the most demanding of corporate and leisure travellers. My customers will attest to the fact that their trips have been so personal and unique to them that it’s as if they had planned and booked it themselves, just without any of the hassle!

We work with some amazing airline brands!


Travel manager

The Travel Desk

01/1989 – todate

  • 1989 – 1990: Embraced the world of Travel managemnt with Thomsa Cook, one of the primary founders of Travel.
  • 1990 – 2012: Thomas Cook Rennies Travel, Hogg Robinson UK, CWT UK, Harrods of Knightsbridge London, Seekers / Amex Travel, Development Promotions, KLM, TQ3 UK, Imagination UK and Ten UK. 
  • I have worked for and with some truly amazing companies. TEN UK taught me about the importance of setting and managing expectations, the importance of knowing what the customer wants versus what the customer will get. 
  • Working at Harrods taught me that service really knows no boundaries. There is an assumption that service is driven by how much is paid, well, not neccessarily. I … we, my team, we go the extra mile for each and every traveller. Lets put it this way, you have not experienced service till you have allowed the Travel Desk to serve you. 






We work with some amazing global hotel brands!

experience you can trust

We are of the mind that “No customer = No business” so with that said it is “People” first. With people comes the need for technical and critica planning and that is achieved through personal and professional skills.

Outstanding service knows no boundaries








Set Expectations


Deliver world class service

Our passion

Providing a completely stress-free, seamless travel experience that is truly ‘door to door’ is my ultimate goal and I look forward to using my experience and knowledge to help you create the perfect itinerary for your trip, whether it’s for work, romance, adventure or your family holiday.

Food for thought

When it comes to travel there is most definitely not a “One size fits all” policy, each traveller, each guest is unique and what they want in terms of travel is important to them and that is why communication is so important. I invite my customers, guests to talk to me, we do not want to just hear but listen with the intent of understanding what you like, what you are passionate about, your dislikes and your allergies.

It is simple, we work on the principal of…. Win Win Win

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